05 May 2011

KU Spring FB Game

Last weekend, we enjoyed the great weather and headed to Lawrence for the KU Spring FB Game. It's our third time to go with Max. (Seriously - he's that old. CRAZY) He's becoming a pro!

He headed to the kids zone for some pregame fun looking at fire engines and getting a free bike helmet. 
In front of the city's new huge ladder truck, wearing the new bike helmet.

Inside the firetruck's cab!

Then we moved to the practice fields for some running around and football with Dad.

Nice form; good ball protection.

Quarterback sneak!


Going in for the touchdown!

Tossing the ball around.

After a tailgate in the Williams Fund tent, we headed inside to watch the game. It took Max all of 15 minutes to get too "active" to sit, so he and I toured the Hill while Paul watched some of the game. Amazing, the kid - after all of the pregame running around - climbed up Mt Oread by himself. He wouldn't let me hold his hand or anything. Where does he get that energy!

Here are some shots of him with the Campanile. While he did walk all the way through and back out, I'm doubting it will affect his changes of graduating. Besides, he'll be at MIT anyway, right? Ha!
We finished our hunt to find out where the bells were...

In the Campanile... aha!

Out from the Campanile. Mystery solved.

 Springtime fun continues!

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