13 November 2010

Trains - Part 1 (of what may turn out to be an infinite number of parts)

Well, we have discovered we have a rail fan in the house. A couple of months ago, Max took a real shining to Thomas the Train. Little did I know what I was getting into then. However, it wasn't just Thomas. It was trains. The kid will watch some series called Trains and Locomotives on RFD TV (TV for rural America - which also airs Big Joe's Polka Show - another Max fav).

Anyhow, the fact that my son could just intently watch home video of trains coming and going reminded me of one person: my brother Rob. Rob grew up with model trains, visiting train stations, chasing trains, taking photos and video of trains, and now he works for the Union Pacific and has for a while. I believe he has found his soulmate in Max.

Our journey into real training began Oct. 30 with a visit to the C&H Railroad in Tecumseh, Kansas. Rob got clued in to this fantastic little place through some railroad buddies, and, boy, did we make a day of it.

On Oct. 30, the railroad had it's fall open house and a visit from Santa himself. Rob's fiancee Sara brought her sister, brother-in-law and nephew along as well. Here's some fun from the day:

Family Pic

Dad and Max checking out the rails. Cute!

Max getting ready for his first train ride!

Train Ride Part I

Train Ride Part II

Sara, Katie, and Fisher

Rob, Max, and I

Who is this Santa you speak of?

Fuzzy? No. Santa?

Rocketship? Okay. I guess this Santa guy will make the cut.

Mommies and Babies (Katie with Fisher/ Me with Max)


The best thing about the day was how much Rob enjoyed that Max enjoyed it. What fun. And there is already more train fun to post about soon. And more to come. I'm telling you all: we have a real rail fan on our hands.

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lisa said...

Too sweet! Tim is into Thomas too - we picked up a little train table for him for xmas this weekend [don't tell him!]