11 November 2010


Our Halloween adventures began this year with Max's first trip to a pumpkin patch. We visited Schaake's in Lawrence, where Grandpa and Grandma B joined us for the events.

Hayride to the patch...

Choices, choices...

The ever-elusive Max-smiling picture. This one was enabled by a dancing Grandpa B in the background!

Max loved riding the trailer, but even more, he LOVED it when the tractor driver let him take a turn!

We got three great pumpkins, which Paul proceeded to carve a couple of weekends later.

For Halloween, we decided Max should be Indiana Jones. Of course, Lucas Films does not make a costume in his size, so I had to get a little creative. I think we pulled it off. We began our festivities with a playgroup party followed by a visit to Paul's new KU Endowment offices and a visit to Nan's office.

Getting ready to party!

These two photos are courtesy of my friend Katie Trenkle, who always manages to get great pictures!

Playgroup Mayhem!

Trick or treating at the KUEA

Hi Nan!

We practiced and practiced our Trick or Treat. Max didn't say to either at Paul's offices or on Halloween, but he does walk around with his pumpkin and say it at home. :-)

On Halloween, Grandpa B came over and we all walked over to Brookside for some neighborhood Trick or Treating.

Max followed up with a visit next door to see his "girfwend" Joanna, who was more than happy to have her little Indy visit.

Pretty sure we have a real ladies' man on our hands. Oh boy.

All in all, it was a successful Halloween!

Now - on to Thanksgiving and Christmas!

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