21 March 2010

Stepping Out!

So, as everyone who knows me knows, I've been anticipating Max's first steps for a while. Well, he surprised me last Thursday (at 13 months and 1 week) when he just let go of one of his toys and took three steps toward me.

To no one's surprise, we could not replicate the steps for Daddy or the camera for a couple of days. However, in all of his wiseness, Max decided to save his next steps for the KU game on Saturday. While things did not turn out great for KU, Max is up to about 15 - 20 steps a day in the last two days. We finally caught a few on a decent video:

Currently, he just likes to walk when he is holding his two little yellow trucks and transporting them to a new place. Nothing earthshattering yet - but in our little corner of the earth, it really is. And, to quote my friend Sally, it was like a little Jayhawk victory in and of itself.

On a different front, we had about 6-8 inches of snow to ring in spring. Max and Paul celebrated with a snow man named Bob.

Rock Chalk to my little baby Hawk!

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