08 March 2010

One Year!

So finally a year has passed. Our little boy will actually be 13 months tomorrow, but we wanted to get up the latest on his adventures as he starts year two. Both Max and Mommy were sick over his birthday, Feb. 9, so we stayed in for a quiet day. We did end the day with cake and presents. Though Max was pretty interested in the toys, the cake wasn't so interesting for him. Mainly, he squished all of the icing and was done. Not the worst thing, I guess, if he doesn't like sugar!

Paul and I Singing:

At home:

Cake? Uhm, not so sure...

Bowling - yes!

A video card from Ben and Jamie.

At Max's doctor appointment, he weighed in at 24 1/2 pounds and had grown to 30 1/2 inches, putting him in the 75% in both categories. The doctor thought he was very cute despite the fact that he did cry the whole time. He also had a check up with his Parents as Teachers coordinator, Connie. After an assessment, she said that he scored higher than most all other one year olds in every category. Duh.....

Max is busy reading, talking, getting back outside, and getting into anything he can find. The only thing he doesn't do right now is walk, though I'm assured it will be coming shortly. I'm posting some of the birthday celebration stuff - we've had three so far: at home, at Grandma and Grandpa Ruocco's, with Grandma and Grandpa B. We still have one to go with Grandpa and Grandma Gatton. That's a lot of birthday fun! After a bit, I will get up some other bits and pieces from my phone detailing Max's latest exploits.

Grandma and Grandpa Ruocco's:

It's like the Oscars with all of the flashes!

Crazy Aunt Jamie!

With Grandma and Grandpa B, celebrating Max and Grandpa's birthdays.

Grandma B showing Max how to blow out the candle.
Still - no cupcake, please.

Thanks to everyone who helped us through the past year and enjoyed it with us. We're very blessed with our little Max!

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