17 September 2014

Fall 2014 - Off to a good start

So far, Max loves school. He often complains about getting up (he is my kid after all), and then he wants to stay home with Daddy (he's Paul's kid, too), but when he realizes that Daddy is going to work, he wants to get right to school and never leave (my kid again).

Seems like he's growing up in so many ways. Even today, he told me he could walk to class by himself. *Sigh* Love his independence. Even if it isn't fun sometimes, it is a great attribute in the long run. 

Here are some shots from "lately."

Our last afternoon walk before he headed off to the big house, I mean, school. 

First day hamming it up! 

In the classroom with his teacher, Mrs. Baggett, and at the table with new friend Heidi.

The weekend after school started, KU held an open practice and autograph session. It's the only time we can really see KU play well (hahaha), so we went. Max and Dad enjoyed some time on the field.

Paul, after the QB Max hands off the ball.



On the weekends, we also found that Max likes to recreate all of his work from school at home.

Even before he was out of his PJs, he wanted to practice writing his "home name" - Saurus.

On Labor Day weekend, we took an impromptu trip over to Leavenworth, where my mom grew up and I spent so many weeks in the summer with my grandparents. And quite a few weekends in college with my grandmother, too.
Had to get a bite at Homers. The burgers, rings, and malts are still as good as ever.
 Now, there is a little park by the Landing. Max was fascinated by the art, though he argues it is actually a real buried train. :-)

On the way home via 24/40, we happened upon the fabled sunflower field in full bloom. I'd always seen pictures, but I'd never seen it in person. It really is incredible. I didn't do it justice.

The tiny cocoon that only Max would notice in a giant field of sunflowers.

After school, he likes to draw.

Koala that he learned to draw at school. He did it all by himself.

Pile of food he brought in the office after school for a snack. And yes, he did eat breakfast, lunch, and snack at school as well. What can I say - he's growing. A full 2 inches since his February 5-year doctor visit. Yikes! 

A drawing of Han Solo and Princess Leia. Duh.
He likes to put letters in boxes, I think, because that's how worksheets look at school.

On a trip to Costco over the weekend, he brought a bag along with him in the car. Said he needed what was in it. While Paul was pumping gas, I turned around to find this little ensemble.
He is tooooooo funny sometimes.

Note: the car is stopped at the gas station. I don't drive and take pics.

Doesn't every kid has an engineer hat, train whistle, and spare train to take on the drive to Costco? 

This kid. I tell ya! 

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