24 August 2014

Other Summer Fun!

It seemed like we were super busy this summer. When I uploaded some of my miscellaneous pictures, I found that the camera confirms it. We had a lot going on. So here's a tribute to some summer fun we had before "real school" started in earnest. 

Strawberry Picking with Friends
Ahhh - these two. Annie and Max have known each other for five years now. Crazy.
We love our visits together. And Katie and I love that Max and Annie just get along. 

Max, Annie, and Molly.

My strawberry pie, made in Grandma Somers's strawberry pie pan. :-) 

Mom and Joe having a good time at the Yankees game!
Which the Royals won. Just saying. :-) 

Paul Borchardt Bunyan - using Mom's ax on a nasty stump in our back yard.

Father's Day: After lunch at Dad and Linda's house, we hit Botanica for a kite celebration on Father's Day. It was hot, but I think the kids had fun!

Benny and Dexter

Max and Daddy

Dad and Benny!

Max took an art-camp class at the Lawrence Arts Center. They built their own spaceship and landing module, among other things. Too fun!

We had a visit from our Boston cousins. Max really enjoyed it, especially attending the St. John's Fiesta with them.

Fun in the Art Room at LOL.
Bouncing Pillow at LOL!

Love this picture of Max and Catie!
She's a real sweetheart to him. :-) 

Fun at the bowling alley in Wichita with Uncle Adam! 

Throwing up the metal signs.
Bowling with Grandpa Joe.

He worked in the shop. I think he takes fewer breaks than I did, so maybe Grandpa Joe likes that better. :-)

We are pretty sure he grew. We looked at him lots as he slept this summer, keeping track of how much space he took up.
Max and his sleeping companions.

When Uncle Rob visits, there is always fun to be had!

Soccer pros.

We visited the Douglas County Fair with our friend Malia from preschool.

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Max's Fish. He drew everything here all by himself. Coming along! 
We've been enjoying all the cool parts of the newly remodeled library. It is really pretty sweet.
Time in one of the awesome reading nooks.

Max does love spending time with his dog-cousin Parker. He's so glad Parker (and Kelly, and eventually Phil, are here) is here.

Max and Daddy out in the pool. Hahaha. 

One afternoon, we took an impromptu trip to KC and stopped in at Union Station. We scored five or six trains. Max was pretty happy!
Amtrak Passenger coming in from STL.
BNSF Freight coming from the east.
Looking over some UP freight coming in from the west.

Our friends the Neutebooms bought a new house - and it's only a couple of minutes from ours. We've spent some time there now, having lots of fun!

One of our last Max/Mommy midday walks before school started. 

Mommy and Max day: scored an Engine book at the Dusty Bookshelf then got ice cream at
Mass Street Sweet Shoppe. Downtown Lawrence rocks!!
My super adorable, wonderful, adventuresome dude at the other end of the playground tunnel.

Summer was bittersweet. So many great adventures but all the while realizing that he's moving into some real big-kid stuff with full-day Kindergarten. We are on the ride all the way now. I miss my little buddy in the still strange silences of the day. And I'm very lucky to have been able to help him grow into the great kiddo he is today. 

As Max enters this new stage, I think Paul and I recognize more than ever that we are privileged to be this little dude's parents.

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