06 May 2013

Arizona Trip Day 6: Grand Canyon!

After leaving Sedona early Monday morning, we drove the "back way" near Flagstaff and over to Williams, AZ. We thought Max would at least like to see where the Grand Canyon Railroad left from, and we could catch a bite before heading  up to the canyon itself.

Max was thrilled to see the steam engine, though the wind that day was overpowering.
Grand Canyon steam engine at the Williams station.
Rail fan but not a wind fan.
Got to catch a real train going by before we left.
 Then we headed up to the canyon's main south rim entrance. I always find this drive interesting for the mere fact that one would simply have no idea what he was going to come upon leading up road to the canyon. The landscape gives no indication that a gaping gorge is about to open up before him.

And it is a difficult expanse to comprehend. Particularly for a four-year-old. He played along with all of our walking a pictures, however. Good kid, that Max!

Paul and Max, trying to make me nervous by posing next to the edge.

Sassy canyon Max.

Explorer Max.
Not-looking-at-the-camera-again Max.

Colorado River cutting through.
Playing-with-dad's-face Max

Here is the sequence of trying to get a picture of Max on a trail with the canyon in the background. Hmm.

That kid.

Here we are trying for a family picture. A nice man finely volunteered to take a picture so we didn't have to do a selfie. :-)

It was a good trip, even if pretty cold. After touring, we drove back down to Flagstaff and enjoyed a relaxing night eating in and swimming at the hotel. The journey was beginning to end.

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