19 August 2012

More Rail Time!

A few years ago, Uncle Rob introduced us to the C&H Railroad in Tecumseh, KS. It is a small-gauge railroad, just the perfect size for little people.

As I was passing the info along to our neighbors, the Mellenbruchs, I discovered that they were having an open house the very weekend we passed on the information. So, we enjoyed a weekend at the C&H with our new neighbors! What fun!

Little steam engine taking on water before the ride.

Daddy behind Max and Ben.

Paul in the back, Ben and Max in front of him, Elaine and little Megan up front in the car.

Kiddos eating lunch. Elaine's parents, also train enthusiasts,
are in the lawn chairs behind the blanket.

Max and Megan. They are too cute together.

Mommy says, Later guys!

 What a great weekend. We are so lucky to have such nice neighbors!!

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