01 February 2011

Christmas IV: Gattonorama

For our final Christmas stop, we visited my dad and Linda up in Hutch. We'd decided to have a laid-back day with Fuzzy and GG - pizza, wine, presents, play time.

Max started the day by deciding to be our official Santa.

However, he took Jamie's camera and decided he'd rather be the offical Christmas photographer.

After the exhausting work of taking our pictures, we had to stop for food.

I think part of the reason that Max isn't scared of Santa is that Fuzzy seems to look very much like the jolly old man! Max was testing to see if the whiskers were real.

Enough with the pregame, it's on to presents. And Max loves some presents!

The picture below sums up Max's life on the holidays. One boy, a few toys, and a thousand cameras!

Of course, it wasn't just the little boy that wanted to play cars...

Mom - why do those big kids keep taking my toys??

It was a fun day, and we even got some good posed shots out of it.
This picture of Paul is actually one of the pictures Max took on Jamie's camera. Such an artistic eye!

GG's smiling. GG's smiling!

The almost-never occuring family shot of all three of us looking at the camera. Kudos, Jamie!

That's it for Christmas 2010. And I actually got it all done before Max's birthday! Yippee!

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