31 August 2010

Wisconsin - Year Two

At the end of July, we made our annual trek up to Northern Wisconsin for a couple weeks of time by the lake. Last year, Max did a lot of laying around, napping, and rolling. This time was VERY different. This toddler is on the move - around the cottage, toward the lake, driving the boats. I don't believe that vacation is the word when one has a toddler. Ha. But we did have fun and lots of extra hands with Grandma and Grandpa B and with Phil and Kelly.

Red Wing, MN: Max's first train
Lake time:

Campfire with s'mores time: Mommy's favorite!

Animal Time: A Visit to Peck's Wildlife

Soccer Time: Inspired by the World Cup, Max brought his ball and net for some practice. Watch carefully for Max's idea of a goal: putting the net over the ball. Genius!

Boat Time: This kid always wants to drive!

Gator Time:
Max could've spent the entire time just sitting in the gator. That's how much the kid loves it.

Water Time: Note the full body suit courtesy of Grandma. The lake had some duck itch going around, so we tried to protect Max as much as possible. We all walked away with only a few spots.

All in all, it was a great time. Max kept us on our toes but watching him have such fun was worth it!

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